About Us

The Bluff Resort site has an extensive history dating back to 1836.

The area on which The Bluff Resort Apartments currently sits was originally a whaling station established in that year. A top the Bluff was a lookout and with the naked eye, whales could be spotted within 10km. The hunt then commenced using long boats and harpoons.

Thirty four years prior to the whaling station being established, Encounter Bay was named as a result of a peaceful and cordial encounter between Mathew Flinders and French explorer Nicolas Baudin. At the time France and England were at war.

Today the ‘Whalers’ site at the Bluff overlooking Encounter Bay is appreciated for its natural beauty and dedicated to relaxation.


The Bluff Resort Apartments


The apartments numbering 42 are owned and operated by the owners themselves. It’s a diverse group, with accountants, doctors, lawyers, financiers, small business owners, a psychologist, an interior designer and an artist. Their collective desire on becoming owners was lifestyle, incorporating investment. Providing the vision and business acumen for this stakeholder group is the Director’s Leadership Team.

Leadership Team


Geoff Bell


As one of the original owners Geoff provides intimate knowledge. This is combined with over 30 years experience managing chartered accounting practices inclusive of being the founding principal of Bell and Associates. On a daily basis Geoff provides business advisory and taxation advice to a wide range of privately owned businesses.



John Sutton


John as a leading consultant with BDO specialises in the area of corporate financial management inclusive of strategic planning, finance raising and costing reviews.

Although holding a number of directorships he is especially proud of being in his 13th year as board member of the Adelaide Crows finance committee and life member of the club.